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Maxis Match body hair?


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Looking for all over body hair (arms, armpits, legs, chest, pubes, MAYBE on the ass-) and also some hair for hands, possibly.


I've tried to do my own but the textures never seem to work correctly, so I give up. It doesn't help I have an insanely short attention span. I have the body hair downloaded that was created by Simdulgence and I quite enjoy it, because it suits my sims a lot better. I did use to be obsessed with the realistic content but now I just love how neat and tidy Maxis Match content can be. The only reason I'm putting in this request is because the current hair I use (I don't remember who's it is, I think Noir's?) doesn't look well with my sims, especially in screenshots when I'm trying to edit them because I don't have a good enough PC to install all those HQ mods the hair is super blurry whilst the rest looks good. (I'm not saying Noir's hair is bad, I think it's great, it just doesn't suit my new games)


I'd just use Simdulgence's hair but, it doesn't have it anywhere else except for the torso, stomach and pubes, maybe one day they'll update it but, I don't know. Just curious if anyone else may have more options for me. I can't find any through sims cc sites.


Examples below;




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On 2/1/2020 at 11:09 PM, B10HAZARD. said:

Luumia body hair v5 is the most popular hair. note= Don't use v5+ as it can cause problems with the penis tip of noir's & simdulgence's penis models.


Scroll down in this link for the Body hair & the merged recolours = https://luumiasims.com/tagged/sims-4-cc

Hey, I'm using Noir penises and I can't get any body hair mode for it, and the V4 version of Luumia doesn't seems to be anywhere :C if u could give me a hand would be great :D 

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Thanks for the links, however, V5 link seems to be dead. V4 looks great too but doesn't work with nissas commands and I don't feel like painting 300 sims with body hair manualy :D

Can someone maybe repost V5, pretty please? Thank you!


edit: Looks like whole simfileshare site is down for now so I guess it will be resolved eventually.


edit: Nevermind, nissas solution only works with V5+

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