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Hello @ll! :classic_smile:


could someone please be so kind and tell me what the problem could be?
I have already tried the mod armbinder fix, the armbinder remains normal, but when I am freed from it, my arms stay in this position!

Fnis and everything checked of course..






Ps: otherwise always worked for me, suddenly this error comes with the hands of the arm binder! :classic_sad:





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I think it is to do with some script. Not animation anyway. I used to have some similar issues where certain animations wouldn't trigger when using Zaz animation framework.


The fix was to only install sexlab, without Zaz or DD, then when that is fully working registered you install Zaz framework, wait for it to register, then, again close Skyrim and install DD.


I wasn't using DD though as I have never liked to use it. You may as well try that, it's simple, though you will obviously need to de activate Zaz dependencies

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