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Saving money on steam .


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I am not sure about this but ,Dragonborn costs 20 both dollars and Euros but the difference is below,


20 Euros = 26.9 U.S. dollars  

20 U.S. dollars = 14.8 Euros


What I am saying is that if someone was to buy it on the US ,and gift it to someone who lives in europe would they not be saving 6 euros ?


(Wasn't sure how to put this so the question might sound incoherent)

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Why would my math be wrong ? I took it off the google converter, my steam numbers seem to be fine too .Also no the uk version is more expensive than the rest because like Ark said 13,99  pounds = 22 dollars  which means you pay 2 extra dollars or 1.2 extra pounds  .

As for the European version we are paying 7 more dollars .

Which means that the correct prices would be :

20 dollars


14.78 Euros


12.70 British pounds


This should prove my point that if someone in the u.s was to buy it and gift it to some one in europe , less money would be spend



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Dragon in the UK is £13.99, this is the amount used in the following coversions.


GBP >> USD = 22.0 USD

GBP >> EURO = 16.309 Euro

USD >> EURO = 16.309 Euro


Either your math is wrong or your Steam is not showing you the right numbers.


It's probably because Steam is kinda unfair when it comes to regional pricing, though that can very well be due to publisher demands. I keep hearing people say Skyrim is $20 on Steam, or that Mass Effect is... $30, I think? Both games are still showing at $60 for me in my country. In fact any game that is from a major publisher never sees a permanent discount here.


I suspect they just do this because they don't expect the lower price point to increase the customer base and it artificially raises piracy numbers, which they can turn around to use as an excuse to impose ever less reasonable DRM schemes.

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