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Devious Court Mage

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I wanted to propose you a Deviant story but i don't have skill and time to make this mod.

It's a Master/slave relationship with a new male companion the court wizard  (I let you pick the name).
The personality of the Master (Court Wizard): Dominant, he enjoys anal sex, Nipple and Vaginal piercing (navel if possible), on his slave.
Arm and leg cuffs and corset. He doesn't like to hide your sex, but will punish you with a chastity belt
with a huge anal plug for 2 days when you refuse his order or advance too often.


You are going to need a new set of item call the all-star,
-new amulet the Allstar Pendant= Effect regen of 200% life and mana (Devious item) Keep the user naked.
Allstar Pendant cannot be removed without the freedom ring and without the Submissive Ring you cannot wear any clothing.


The Allstar Pendant will be removable with the freedom ring after you kill the master.
The Submissive ring allows you to wear clothing or Devious dress(Elegant) if selected in the menu in option.
-A Sword or a Dagger for destroying the ring and kill Talia the Prisoner effect= It Drain 300 life
-All-star vaginal and Allstart nipple piercing= effect keeps you on edge and even if you kill your master you cannot
remove it without doing a special quest.
-All-star navel piercing (If possible) locked= increase your magic regen, increase your Carry capacity.
-All Star Leg and Arm Cuffs. (Your choice)
At the end of the quest you will be able to keep serving him with powerfull item like the Allstar items set.
If you Kill him, you will be free, but lose all the precious items.


First of all,


You are going to need a like/dislike system


0%= You are Always nude each day you receive 3 whipping from your master.


50%=In city he allows you sometime (35%) to use clothing or(Ebonite hobble dress elegant if selected in menu) (Give you the ring) with a chastity belt with an anal plug,
but you remain naked inside buildings and outside city (The master Retake the ring).
He randomly reminds you that he controls you and whip you
You receive les whipping only one time each 3 days.


45% of chance that He will strip you of the belt and give you anal sex in public.


100%=You receive the Ring every time you enter in a city. Your master allows you to wear clothing (Depending of the menu selection)in every city and inside buildings.

He will not be whip you any longer, but he will ask for anal sex 4 times day.
In the city you master gets aroused and take your ass in front of everyone
You receive another sword (same use to kill Talia) with the drain effect.


The ranking system will work that way.
-Each time he asks for anal sex you can answer= I understand my place master do as you wish.
you will gain +3 appreciation


-When you answer= Please Master Not now. You have 50/50 Chance to receive a punishment after sex.
If he answer= Alright, for this time, but don't get used to (you suffer no penalty.)
But if you fail, he will answer How Dare you refuse me! I am going to punish you! -15 dislike
Sex scene and whipping


At 100% Like= You will get a possibility to Say Not now Master. 25% of chance that he will punish you and lose 20 Points of Like.
if you succeed, he will answer you. You earn the privilege to say no sometimes.


More he appreciates you, more he reclaims anal sex. Max 4 by Day.


The quest begins in Winterhold (Jarl's Longhouse).


When you meet him, he will say.
(Master) Hello to you traveller. My name is (Your Choice)
I have been invited by the jarl for being the next Court Mage.
Are you a mage adventurer looking for justice and get in a way a nice reward?


(You) Not Really (Decline the quest)
(You) Yes of course, what is the quest and the reward.


(Master) A prisoner, her name is Talia, escape from prison and stole me some dangerous artefact.
The Allstar Pendant and a ring.I need someone like you for regaining the pendant.
I will give you some of my personal rare items if you succeed.
Are-you interested?


(You) Not right now (decline the quest)
(You) Yes, I am


(Master) Talia must be put to death for her crime. You will destroy the Ring with that (Sword or Dagger).


(You) Consider it Done


(Start the Quest Justice will be served.)
Objective Find the Talia the Prisonner)


When you arrive at the location,
Talia say=I not coming back to him no way I'm free now!


After you kill her with the sword/dagger of the Court Mage.
On her inventory you will be able to pick the Allstart pendant and the Freedom Ring.


(Quest update destroys the ring.)
When you click on the ring you will see a menu. Do you want to destroy it or not.
Yes will destroy the ring and the Court mage sword. The pendant will lock on you (Allstar Pendant) and undress you. (Exception of your other jewelry)
The pendant will Shock you if you try to put any clothing back. (If possible, leave the option to undress everything except boot and Jewelry)


When you meet the Court mage (Master) in the Jarl longhouse,


(Master) Good I can see that you succeed in the quest you kill my unworthy slave.


(You) What did you do to me and cannot wear anything.


(Master) You will get used to your reward. I promise you a nice reward I will soon give you some unique item that you deserve and you will have the honor to be my Slave.
With the pendant around your neck, you are going to obey every order I give you.


(You) How dare you, it's cold outside and don't want to be a slave and naked


(Master) Silence. Now let put the proper item to you.


(A message appears) The Court Wizard put you a set of Arm and leg cuffs and a corset.
He Smiling at you when he put you a pair of nipple piercing (Navel piercing if you can)
He laughed at you when he put you a clitoris piercing because of your pain expression.


(Master) Now you look like a proper slave.
Don't waste your time about thinking about freedom.
With the ring destroy you lose all hope for removing the Allstar equipment.


(You) Bastard, you think I will obey.


(Master) Of course you will. Without the Freedom ring I can drain your life out of your body and kill you on sight.


(You) I will for now.


(Master) You call me Master from now and you will understand your place from now.
Every item I put on you will make you stronger again everything except me.
I won't make the same mistake twice with my slave.


End of discussion (End the quest of Justice will be served)


Start the new quest (Hope and despair.)


Every 7 days your master will ask you to come with him.
He has to close a portal for Winterhold safety. (I let you choose a location)
he will channel a spell and you will chained next to him. (If you prefer Sit on the floor unable to move)


With 50% of appreciation you will be able to move around if you hit him you lose -50 point of appreciation
and receive a belt with an anal plug after the whipping


With get 100 appreciation
If you hit him with the sword/dagger(his gift to you) you kill him and get the freedom ring.


It's End The quest (Hope and despair.)
Remove all item all-star (Pendant, Arm and leg cuffs, corset, weapon)


Start the quest (Get rid of the piercing)
Go to winterhold and ask for Malur Seloth advice


(You) I Kill the other Court Wizard. I cannot remove the piercing from my body.


(Malur Seloth) Oh, you kill that bastard, he nearly gets my job.

So you want to remove some magical piercing?


(You) Yes, please.


(Malur Seloth) First undress I have to see what kind of magic They are.
and for that we must have some anal sex.


(You) No way bastard (End Conversation).


(You) Not again. I guess I have no choice.
At the end of the sex scene you speak back to him.


(Malur Seloth) I know a way, be it will cost me a lot of money and time.


(You) What will be the price?


(Malur Seloth) For the money I will take care of it because you kill the bastard,
but you will have to come back after you get 40 time sex and wear one of my collard
and chastity belt with my plug inside your pussy.
It's should weaken the effect enough for removing it


(You) No way (End conversation)
(You) If it's really necessary


Update the quest Get 40 Time sex, and come back to Malur Seloth.
When complete the 40 time sex.


(Malur Seloth) You made it, you are quite an anal slut now.


(You)... Can you remove it now?


(Malur Seloth) Yes, but I want some sex first.


(You) Alright. let's get it over with


Anal Sex scene.

After the sex, everything gets removed and you are free.
End the Quest.

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