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Tutorial For Body Gloss?


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Do you use a ENB?


Step 1

If you do not here's where you can make a start on how to get and install the first bits of one: http://www.enbdev.com/index_en.htm (just make sure its for skyrim)


There are many many configurations of people's ENB setting/configs on http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/ search ENB :)


Step 2

Skip only to Step 3 if your version requirement of ENB is lower than v0.124 if it's mentioned anywhere, because the new versions contain an inbuilt GUI which you can edit within game live and save. Use at your own risk though and read as much as you can before getting into ENB tweaking/installing etc. The names and values to look for are the same as in Step 3...


Step 3

If you have one installed and know how to use Notepad for abit of editing here's what to do:


Goto your Skyrim directory and look for the file named enbseries.ini open it up using a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++


Find/search for these names & values only!


//higher value is wider shine range

//Focus on editing these values, a lower value is more powerfull shine (higher shine contrast)
SpecularPowerMultiplierDay=0.5 //default 3.5
SpecularPowerMultiplierNight=0.5 //default 3.5
SpecularPowerMultiplierInterior=0.5 //default 3.5


Tweak and save and test ingame. Or if you don't want to bother with a ENB try just the skins like these as they shine abit without a ENB installed or shine even further with a ENB installed:


& http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/19666 look at the bottom of the files for Sweaty body and whatever body type you maybe using.

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Open the file you want to edit in nifscope and select the body portion of the model. Then expand the model's properties by clicking on the arrow next to the NiTriShape. Next select BSLightingShaderProperty, this will bring up its details near the bottom of the window. Scroll through the details and select Specular Power - Glossiness. Here you can edit the values of the model, 30 is the default glossiness i believe and, after checking the gloss values in Megalov's armours, you can achieve the desired look he creates by using the maximum value 999.

I hope this answers what you were looking for :shy:

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Thanks for the answers everyone, I appreciate it.


@Eu4rick My Enb is Seasons of Skyrim 2.0 and it uses v0.136. Though I was already playing with the specularity values but I just didn't wanna mess around a whole lot since i don't have too much time to myself now a days.


@MrRedAce prety much nailed it, I'm clueless when it comes to nifskope. Thanks for the pointers.


@ dpflutie9 & Cozy I tried glosstech back when it came out and didn't really like the look of it too much, just something about this specific gloss that looks just right, though I think I'll give it another try since it seems much more refined.

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