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CCs recommended to have to get my sims working

Wellll just a check  

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Well I am lazy so... here's a list of CCs I usually prefer to use in my sims.

Skin Details (RemusSirion Fanboy here so deal with it):

RemusSirion Female Skin 13 Overlay

RemusSirion Female Skin 16 Overlay

RemusSirion Female Skin 19 Overlay

RemusSirion Female Skin 20 Overlay


RemusSirion Cleavages (Might wanna add it for the show?)


Hiroki's Better Body (This is prolly been used by everyone here but yk... just for the sake of it?)


Eyelashes (Oh pls these the de facto ones simmers use but I'll post it anyways?)

Kijiko 3D eyelashes v2

NO EA Eye lashes


Mouth Presets by ladyhayny:

Doll mouth presets (set of 5)



Traits bundle #1 by KawaiiStacie


Hairstyles (Not really required but I just posted the link to the creator who creates these amazing alpha hairstyles which I always use. None other):

Anto TSR Link


Nose Preset:

ObscurusSims nose preset



LuumiaSims Height Slider and more

RedHeadSims Nicki Butt Slider



Sims posted till date:

Tracey Hensley

Elise Hodges

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