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Giants race animations???

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1 hour ago, adam875 said:

I just downloaded the giants race but when I have sex, his penis is invisible and the animations are all over the place. Is there. Download for correct sex animations for giant races? My giants are frozen in game so I decided to download a giant race. 



This is because the Playable giant race is using the same skeleton as a human or elf would which is not the same as the vanilla giant race skeleton.

The animations and Schlongs are created for that Skeleton and will not work properly for the "Hybrid" giant that the game is now using.


I could be wrong about the skeleton being a vanilla player skeleton but it (skeletongiantpgr) doesn't look like the skeleton used by MNC, which I assume you are running if you have Giant's with Genitals (or Had)


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In all honesty I have no idea.


MNC doesn't list this as being compatible.


I don't know if this does change the skeleton for vanilla giants. It adds a fatgiant skeleton a young giant skeleton and then male and female playable giant skeletons, which look to be human skeletons (the female one looks like xpmse) but I can't see it overwriting any assets of the vanilla giant. Of course it could still have changed the paths for the skeleton of the vanilla giant.

If vanilla giants are unchanged then there is no reason for this mod to have an affect on them since it doesn't appear to overwrite that skeleton. The custom ones wouldn't be compatible.


You could try uninstalling MNC completely then reinstall it and let it overwrite everything, it might undo so of the changes this made to the vanilla giants. It won't affect any of the custom ones, tho.


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