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[Mod problem] Animation is not working

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well I have a kinda problem with this mod TK Dodge I installed it with FNIS like any other animations (also checked that little thing in FNIS menu), stamina goes down when I use dodge key, but no animation apears. 


Did you have same problem with it? 


How could I solve this?


Thx for help, it would be really nice to be able to roll in comban in skyrim :)

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6 minutes ago, Lestat1627 said:

Do you use PCEA? if so, the mod says to overwrite the files


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Use with PCEA
1. Backup "Meshes \ actors \ character \ behaviors \ 1hm_behavior.hkt, magicbehavior.hkt" before install a patch.
2. Overwrite "Option - PCEA patch folder" in including this mod to skyrim folder.


Nope, I don't even know what is it :D

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38 minutes ago, Lestat1627 said:

Tried with a new game? (although annoying to start again)


I just installed it and it also works with a game already in progress. try to see if you have any other mod that uses the same Activation Key. I have one and I have replaced it

Well that is not the case I tried already. Like I said, when I press special key or double tap a movement key it takes stamina (like for that role I guess it is 10 per roll) but no animations happend, like litterally nothing only bar of stamina moves down...

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17 minutes ago, Bender321 said:

Ну, это не тот случай, который я уже пробовал. Как я уже сказал, когда я нажимаю специальную клавишу или дважды нажимаю клавишу движения, она требует выносливости (например, для этой роли, я думаю, это 10 за бросок), но не происходит никакой анимации, как в буквальном смысле ничего, только полоса выносливости не опускается вниз ...


bandicam 2020-01-15 16-15-21-450.jpg

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