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Problems with Mac install of new WW update

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Hello all,


I'm very new to the WW world (well new to Sims in general). Last week I downloaded the WW package and many of the most popular mods. Most of them worked quite well, and the general WW was working properly. The ones that didn't work were the most updated versions of .package, but they came out of the zip files with the blank page icon. I figured I'd download them later again when I had time.

Well, today Origin did my Sims update, so I was also prompted to download the WW update. I deleted all old files of WW and dowloaded new. BUT this time they came down with the blank page icon as well. I downloaded files from all three hosting sites, and all did the same upon unzipping the file. I tried the game, and even though the file shows in the list of mods upon startup--and even though some things were still there including nipple tattoos, etc.--there were no indications WW was present at all. I went through and took off all mods except WW and retested. Same thing, it showed in the mods list but nothing happening in the game.

The reason why I wonder if this is a Mac issues is that my friend with a PC is literally sitting next to me doing the same update, and hers is working just fine. Help!

(Also, I used both the Mac Archive Utility and Unarchiver to open the zipped files, both with the same results.)

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21 hours ago, radharani said:


The blank page icon is nothing to worry about. It just means that you don't have any app installed that can open the package files. 

Have you re-enabled script mods after the update? (Also, you should disable Origin's automatic game updates to avoid potential game breaking issues)

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