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So, I have tried several times to install Leito's animations but I keep getting this error, no matter what I try.  I would love to be able to use Violate and some other mods but it seems I have done something wrong. I have aaf installed as well as four play and I followed the install guide.  I can get things to work in AAF without leito's animations. I have savvage cabbages and atomic lust and they seem to work fine but I have to initiate everything by aaf.  I want to use the mods that you initiate by dialogue or actions like four play and violate and such.  I also have vanilla fudge four play but when it goes to scene they get naked but no animations.  I am assuming it's because I don't have leito installed.  Here is a screenshot.  Please help if you can I would really appreciate it.  

Leito error.jpg

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Hi @richman3.  First off uninstall Fourplay as it is not needed Unless you have an extremely specific need to have it. There is a nice guide for install AAF here:

. Just make sure you have Crazy's, leito's, Vadermania and Farelle's animation before the One patch and any other animations after The One Patch ( reason for this is that it is a bit out of date for updated animations) But other then that Follow the guide.

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