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BOSS confusion


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Hello there I'm a bit lost usually when I update boss the Load order gets fixed np. Now it has only recognised the skyrim.esm not even the dlc is recognised..


I tried out my game it runs fine but if I want to check the mods to be cleaned etc will I have to do so manually in the future?


Just asked me if you need my load order although it hasn't caused me issue before.


Sorry just read this from the masterlist.txt:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Temporarily unavailable


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I have the same. Also BOSS is updating the masterlist extremely slow. Hope it's just a temporary server problem as Dragonjoe mentioned.

Anyway, did the "perform trial run" function work for anyone before? It worked for Oblivion, but for Skyrim it reorders my plugin even if it's ticked or not.

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