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All these pervy things around here... but on linux?

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Anyone running fallout 4 with LL stuff on linux? what about mod organizer 2 or similar? Skyrim SE on linux? I'm looking at any options available besides win10 if any... I really hate windows 10. Even if I can get windows 10 to not freak out because it would not have an internet connection EVER I still won't like using it. I have to think by now someone has made it possible to play fallout 4 and skyrim SE on linux.

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I got Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion to run via wine, and they ran great, but Skyrim had too many bugs making it unplayable for me. Apparently some people got Skyrim SE running at reasonable FPS though:




Fallout 4 on the other hand looks like a no go:




... if you hate Windows 10 so much then why not just use Windows 8.1?

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Oh I would be just fine sticking with windows 7 but new hardware doesn't work with it. I don't even want to remember windows 8 even existed lol. I was afraid someone was going to say fallout 4 would not work but at least some effort is going into making it work.

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