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How Do I Add Lunari Skin Textures To The Game

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On 1/10/2020 at 7:59 AM, Brisl said:

Sorry i dont understand your question.


What you mean ?


Have you problems with the Race after install of the Lunari Race that the Race show only your CBBE Body Skins or try you to use the textures of the Lunari on a CBBE Body ?

I don't know where to put the meshes as I can't change the shape of the body in racemenu.

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14 hours ago, crazyguy47 said:

I don't know where to put the meshes as I can't change the shape of the body in racemenu.

Body Morph sliders having no effect on Lunari race's CBBE body in Racemenu.


Normally the Body Meshes of Lunari Race are stored at Skyrim install path\data\meshes\bhakti\lunari\actors\character\character assets if you use MO or MO2 they are stored in the MO install path\mods\Lunari Race V1.70\meshes\bhakti\lunari\actors\character\character assets\meshes\bhakti\lunari\actors\character\character


Look at the folder structure for Lunari race. If it has it's own body meshes (femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif) then you have to copy the CBBE HDT body meshes from your default folder to where they belong in the Lunari folder. COPY.......not MOVE.


When you build the body in BodySlide you need to make sure to check the box at lower left that enables the creation of the morph files (the TRI files)


When you copy body meshes to Lunari folder structure DO NOT also copy the tri files. Won't hurt anything, but is totally unnecessary and just takes up more hard drive space. 


IF LUNARI RACE HAS ITS OWN SKELETON..... then you also want to be sure to copy your default skeleton mesh (the nif file for the female skeleton) to wherever the Lunari skeleton is.


Skeleton should be the latest XPMSE skeleton.


Modded races use their own body mesh. You need to copy to meshes that are generated by bodyslide into the folder for the Lunari meshes.

Copy femalebody_0.nif and femalebody1.nif from data\meshes\actors\character\character assets into the character assets folder of the Lunari race. If you use MO the bodyslide meshes will be located in Mod Organizer\Overwrite\meshes\actors\character\character assets instead.


Create a Body in Bodyslide with CBBE and then move it to the Lunari folders ... remember advanced Sliders of Racemenu dont change affects for this race.


Textures are placed at \textures\bhakti\lunari\actors\character

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