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Help in creating a NEW body


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post-34390-13597883255294_thumb.pngHi all, so . . . i'm i was seeing all those bodies available for skyrim, the one that i like the most is CHSBHC but i think the legs are a bit thin so i tryed to use 3ds max to change things a bit, give the body more thick legs and bigger butt, all was going well until i exported to skyrim, the problem is . . . . there are no textures, none at all, the body looks like a grey mass with confusing shadows, i'm a newbie in modeling and i can't find more information on the web, i was hoping you guys could help me.


I plan to make conversions too after this problem is fixed, and i'm going to make them available in a later thread.



So pleaaase, any information would help


Sorry for my bad english

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As far as I know, you still need to use nifskope to fix the shader stuff and to add the texture paths. I could be wrong though. I gave up trying to add models to Skyrim a year ago because it was to time consuming. I decided to wait until nifskope gets updated and an exporter for blender gets made.

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I would suggest that you use CBBE Bodyslide to make the body you want.


Using max, once you finish the body you like, you'll then be stuck with the task of making armors for it. Unless i'm mistaken, after using bodyslide, you can then use the ullions of armors available for CBBE.


Try that.

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