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Futa mods on special edition

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Im trying to create a futa character on my copy of skyrim special edition, but ive had all manner of issues seemingly tied to SOS schlong for females - UNP 0.9 which i failed to notice was last updated in 2015. whats the current state of things in terms of adult special edition mods, and are there any recent futa mods or ports for special edition i could make use of? its been years since i last played skyrim properly.

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The only mods which ever really need to be updated even though they have been completed are frameworks and scripted mods. SOS add-ons will never need to be updated. If you use the Cathedral Assets Optimizer, you should be able to use the meshes and textures from the LE versions of the add-ons in Special Edition.

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I've been using this one and it's been great personally.
I use skyrim sepecial edition and CBBE body

I Only have one issue... I can't get my cock and base of cock to match the rest of my skintone :/
I got some help figuring it out to where I just needed to reinstall with specific settings and moved it down further in the load order :3


Also still looking for some pubes that work with the above sos -addon- futanari cbbe sse


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