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How can I convert Sex Anims to SSE Properly?

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Hi guys. I hope this is the correct place to post my question. Anyway.

I am trying to convert Sex Animations for example SLAL - Mike24 Animations to SE format but I always get a T-Pose. I used Guide to Animation.hkx conversion for Skyrim Special Edition but no luck. The thing that I can't understand is that I converted regular anims to SSE with no problems with the above method. I use FNIS PCEA2 and I literally took the animations from PCEA LE (I use my collection of animations) and converted them with no problem, but when it comes to SexLab Anims I always get T-Pose and yes I use FNIS for Users. I tried searching for a solution via Google or searching here but no luck. I know there are already conversions of the most popular anims for SE here at Loverslab but I want to do it myself, plus when an AnimPack gets updated I don't want to wait for someone to convert it. I am at my wits end. Is there a specific bat file that I need, a specific folder structure? Do I need to tinker with the json files? Can anyone help? Thanks for reading.

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I just gave it a try with the little bat file form:



and didn't got a T-Pose. Instead of using the guide there, I do the conversions in a seperate folder and repack the mod for installation there. So you don't mess up things in your game folder. There is not much more to do. If the anims make use of animated object, you also have to convert the nifs. (use nif optimizer 3.0.7, newer verversions might mess up things, too) But I really don't understand what went wrong in your case...

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Oh boy.... I feel so stupid I am trying not to cry... I was forgetting to convert the "behavior.khx" as well it was so stupid that I didn't even see the FNIS warnings. All works now. Well that happened. Thank you for the reply though! I was going to give up but after you said "There is not much more to do" and then I saw the light. Thank you.

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