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Separating/merging hair packs


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I want to be able to use the race menu without having to take a long time loading a lot of hairs I won't use, especially those in the Oblivion and Apachii hairs. I'm not handy with the Creation Kit, so can someone teach me how to split up and merge these hair packs into a separate esm/esp?

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Hello Mitsu! I used to do several deactivating of mods, and all sorts of rearranging every time I wanted to change my hairstyles...until I discovered this post by Concept83 over on the Nexus. I can keep all of my mods activated now after doing what he suggested to me. Also...this mod helps immensely. All right, below is what Concept83 posted over at ApachiiSky Hair...


Ok, I have discovered a work around that will allow you to ONLY choose the hair that you want. That means if you have no need of creating an elf, orc, khajiit, or male character, then the hairs for those won't clog up the character creator, thus increasing the risk of crashing. This little workaround requires the CK. Keep in mind, the best way is to have a hair you already want to use. Apachii has pictures of his hairs in your Skyrim Data folder that you can use to decide which ones you want to use. The fewer, the better it will run in game.


1. Load up the CK and only choose one of Apachii's plugins. ONLY one at a time. So start with 1.5, since it's the largest. Just double click and wait for it to load in the CK.


2. On the left hand side, go under the CHARACTER heading, in the CK (Under Actors and Audio), find the HeadPart tab and click it.


3. Type Apachii in the filter and you will see the selections of all of Apachii's hairs. Now what you need to ignore is any file with HairLine in it's title. Ignore that totally.


4. Make sure you have a hair or hairs (fewer the better) that you would like to use. Say, ApachiiFHair39... Since that's the one I want to use, then double click the other hairs (ApachiiFHair38, 37, etc). And a box should appear.


5. There will be a tab marked PLAYABLE, this tab will have a check mark in a box. Click the box so that the check mark is gone. Then hit ok. Do this for all the hairs that you don't have a desire to use. Remember, ignore any Apachii file with HairLine in it, they don't matter. Each race has their own hair, so if you don't want to play as an orc, elf, Khajiit, then find the Apachii files with those race names (the race will be in CAPS) and remove the playable tag from them.


6. Now that you picked the hair or hairs (the fewer the better) SAVE your esp. Name it whatever you want. Then do the same things for the optional version 1.2 females and the males file.


7. Make sure that it's activated (use NMM) and create your character (beginning of game or showracemenu).


The hairs that you allowed to be playable should only show up in the creation menu. The ones that you have no need for, will not show and will greatly reduce crash. This method takes preparation, have in mind the Race, Gender, and Hair for the character that you want to create, and then build it.


If you decided to change your mind of the hairs that you wanted to use or not use. Reload your plugin, and mark the ones you want to use as playable and the ones that you don't, remove the playable tag.


One thing to note. Any mod that relies on Apachii's hair mod as a Master, or uses APachii's hair mods as standalone hairs, must be disabled before loading the game. This may cause a duplicate hairs (something already noted on Apachii's main page) and ultimately defeats the purpose of this workaround. Disable them, then create your character, then re-enble those mods.


You can notify the mod authors of those mods to uncheck the box marked PLAYABLE to the hairs added so that the duplication bug is avoided. Or do it yourself. This will in NO way cause those mods to load bald NPCs, because PLAYABLE only applies to the PLAYER. Just like how Dremora that you kill won't allow their armor to be looted. Their armor isn't marked as playable, but it still shows up on the Dremora.


Sorry for the novel, but this is the best way, that I discovered, to allow you to avoid the crash bug by allowing only the HAIRS that YOU want. This isn't a bug on Apachii's end, it's just how fragile the game engine is. Hope this helps, this works for me 100% of the time.

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