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[REL] Real File Esp Merging That Works

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UPDATE: Tested and Works with multiplier users so think before you comment and I can't help you with these. Read All These Notes (It will help you)

BACK UP OLD ESPs and MAKE SURE YOU TES4Edit clean the new esp.

Steps To Get a Working .Esp without errors
1. Merge your .esp(s) .... choose wisely
2. ONCE you have successfully MERGED A FILE
3. Try cleaning it in Test4Edit
4. If Test4Edit try opening CS
5. If CS works repeat step 3.
6. Save and You Done.


FileMerger was actually my first attempt at writing a Windows (win32) application. At the time I had need for a program who would combine a number of downloaded files into one big file. I needed a program that would be able to both combine text files and (header-less) binary files (mp3, mpeg, etc).

FileMerger is an MFC dialog application, who’s interface is very basic. All the program’s functions can be found both on the menu and on the toolbar. I used FileMerger as a test project to find my way in the world of windows programming.

FileMerger v2.2
- Removed easteregg (it was taking up too much space any way)
- Removed fluffy dialog background

FileMerger v2.1
- Fixed bug merging extremely large files (we’re taliking gigabytes here)

FileMerger v2.0
- Added move up and move down control for the file list
- Major interface overhaul

FileMerger v1.2
- Drag & drop file support
- Added menu

FileMerger v1.1
- Multiple file selection support

FileMerger v1.0
- Binary file merging of 2 or more seleced files
- Simple interface

=FAQ / Testies=
"I have made a second esp as an patch for my own mod, so I do not have to translate everything again.

now i found this quick and dirty tool (I love these tools without much traritrara)

my patch brings many new recipe two new spells and edit two objects from my main esp.

1. I merge this patch in to my main esp with this tool.
2. I load the merged file with the CK. They are tree errors. Two duplicate id's and On spell have loose a script property.
3. I have deleted the duplicated objects and the original for correct settings edited and also the script property reconnect.
4. Plugin saved and load again ... no errors
5. TesEdit Test.. found no errors
6. in the game... on the rapid, it works fine
7. now i go in a long test phase

if everything is ok, this tool is very very helpful for me ;-)

thank you very much


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