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Looking for specific NPC luring mod

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Hello all. it's been a few years since I played Skyrim/SexLab, and I'm just getting back into it.  Lots of great advancements in the framework and accompanying mods.  Great work by all.

I am looking for a particular mod that I used to use, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out.   Last time I played with this, I had a mod that allowed me to lure NPCs into secluded spots so I could murder them, specifically with the Blade of Woe, if I remember correctly.   At first, I thought it might be the "Murder, Theft and Seduction" mod, but reading the description, it doesn't sound like it as that one doesn't add any additional dialog if I read it correctly, and I distinctly remember  using dialog to do a 'follow me, big boy' thing to get guards or other characters to follow me.

Does anyone have any ideas, or am I just not reading the MT&S description right and it's the one I need.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance and happy holidays


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There is a bunch of mods that allow that functionality.

TDF prostitution allows to do it to anyone you can convince to be your client. Wich is basicly any NPC in game. There is also "Follow me for sex" that ive never used, but just from its name its probably has the functionality you need.

Sexlab solutions has a functionality to lead NPC around, albeit that one is limited to the instances SL scene is used as a quest solution.

A bunch of other mods probably can do it as well, take your pick.

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