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Mistress Karn's Bio-Science Lab

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This adds a 20x15 lot in that looks like a Suspicious Trailer, (Original Lot Name) That your local prostitute of strangerville would inhabit, But underneath it is a Personalized Brotherhood Bio Science lab, that serves as a Cloning facility and Zombie Quarantine, for Mad Scientists. Even has a BDSM Dungeon for your more "Lewd" Experiments.

Lot was made to replace the trailer park lot in Strangerville, And is best suited for that lot as it increases the ghetto feel and immersion.


-Contains Custom Content from myself and various authors. All credit goes to them. But the base layout and some re textures are indeed by me.

-Contains Adult Content, Drugs , Decor related to drugs and erotic fetishes.

-Lot is best placed in the SLP trailer park lot of strangerville.

-Place with bb.moveobjects on



-All Expansions

-Wicked Whims

-Basemental Drugs

-NisaK's wicked perversions

-TS4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod (If you want to make zombies in a lore friendly way)

-TS4 Deadly Spellcasters Mod (For the deadly orb in the basement that gives you death magic.)

-While they're not HARD requirements some items will not show unless you have ALL the requirements.

-AEP Porn Mod, If you want your slave to earn you $$$ making porn




-The lot in the Gallery is called "Suspicious Trailer" and has it's own sorta lore friendly story

-The lab was built for two of my main sims.

-The Trailer looks like a Whores Home/traphouse on the surface But hides a sinister lair.

-Make sure to lock your science lab and Zombie Quarintine chamber! Unless your intent is to overrun your lab with the infected like in resident Evil.

-This lot is great for housing a slave or two.







Well since the release of Get To Work,  I've strived to build a good science lab underneath a well functioning house for my scientist. But have encountered problems, Lot was too big, Excess items caused lag. or Could never really get the right theme down that I wanted. Last night all that changed when I finnaly nailed it! I am most satisfied with the layout of the lab.



(Ignore These two) Boxes won't leave ;(











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    Sims4, All Expansion, Wicked Whims, Nisa's wicked perversions,AEP porn career/studio,


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