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Sims 4 Visual Novel | Project Catherine

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I have been creating a VN these past few months using Renpy and Sims4.


You are a university student completing the last year of your PHD study focusing on a field of research called Electroencephalography (EEG).

You have spent the last seven years developing a device that will read and transmit the electrical pulses of the brain from one person and transmit those thoughts into another. Unfortunately the university board seeing benefits elsewhere have canned your project giving you one last week to make use of the university's super computer.

This visual novel focuses on the events of that last week.


Download from either: MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - UPLOADHAVEN



Currently it is about half done but I am looking to see what interest is out there to see if I take it from a short VN to a more interactive novel with different girls and outcomes based on your choices?


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Yes she would be!


I am a big fan of your girl designs!!! I think I used "Abigail Slater" and "Julie Haynes" as a basis for all of the girls, I hope you don't mind?

The modifications are more apparent in some characters than others. I think I had modified her freckles, changed her skin, eyes and lashes.


As I work a full time job, doing house renovations and studying 3 diplomas it means I have very little time to work on it which is all spent learning how to write a VN, compose the scenes, create and modify various assets and writing the story.


I do plan on giving appropriate credit when I get to doing the about page, as I am still learning everything it is all constantly evolving!! :)


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