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What if Curies personality could evolve/change?

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Recently I was thinking about how awesome it would be if the personalities and/or morals of companions would evolve according to SS actions and the stuff they go through with him/her. Curie stroke me as the perfect character for this: When you free her from Vault 81 she's a robot with personality subroutines and acts according to them. But with her synth body she is able to feel real emotions (like love for the SS ;) ) but is still naive as a child. So the SS should have a big influence on her as he/she is her idol. If the SS is a white knight her personality would stay friendly and helpful although she would become less and less naive the longer she spends in the Commonwealth. However if the SS is a mean/evil character Curie would also evolve that way. The player would be able to manipulate her to become a cruel heartless bitch , a junkie, slut, slaver or even a dominatrix.


The other companions would be way less manipulatable because they've already been through stuff and have seen shit. The SS maybe would be able to make Cait a little less mean and show her that there is good in the world or make Piper more mean. Maybe you even would be able to turn Strong into a big softie.


It saddens me a little that we don't have this in the game and it also seems to be nearly impossible to implement as a mod because of how complex it would be. Also there are't enough sound files to make it even a little immersive.


What are your thoughts on this mechanic if it was in the game?

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