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Jette Standalone Follower LE and SE

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Jette Standalone Follower LE and SE

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CBBE, CBBE HDT, UUNP HDT, UNPB HDT, 7B HDT. A quick mod for your travels. Nexus linked. LE is 100709 and SE link is 31215





Location: Solitude, Winking Skeever
Voice: Sultry
Weight: 100, Height: 96
No armor, no weapons. Default bow
Some perks and self healing, ward spells.
Dual wield capable.

Credits: SG eyebrows, SG hairpackAIO, The eyes of beauty.


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3 hours ago, macnchz said:

Yet another work of art!  Thank you for sharing!!  Merge Pack?

I have thought about that, but of course it would be modder's choice and I'm sure there are many that would be upset about my choices, so I suppose those that know how to merge followers in their own game do so, and they get the benefit of merging other modder's followers and not just my own creations. Hope that helps.

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