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Help Pls Female SOS

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I've tried over and over to find schlongs for females UNP for Skyrim Special Edition. I don't want grossly large and unbelievable ones (larger then a horse), nor do I want a femboy type race. What I am looking for a one that is around 6 to 8" in size and not to thin or thick. Something that would compliment a femboy character without being too oversized. But my problem is, is that I search for UNP, Schlongs, etc., etc and it pulls up every single forum post that has those words in them somewhere.... there was way to many posts and replies. So I am going to ask here and hopefully someone will steer me in the right direction. 


Simply put, I would like a mod that would allow me to add a schlong to a female character to make her into a femboy. I don't want the femboy mod because the face is, well to put it nicely, not feminine nor masculine. It has a face only a mother troll could love.... Does anyone know what the best mod for adding a schlong to a female UNP? HDT would be great too.....



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Ready made solution. Look for the mod "Kalena Rios Porn Star Follower" by nomkaz down page 3 or 4 of these posts. Well down page 1 there's a post by nehaberlan on June 20 last year.


In it he has an SE version of B3lisario's UNP Add-on, 7z file within the post, just click on it. You need SOS Full  Version, Sexlab Framework v_1.63 or better, XP32 Max Skeleton S.E., CBP or similar if you want it, and off you go. Give it a few minutes to appear in MCM menu, and you can determine who get's "fully equipped". Size 0 to 20.


The Kalena Rios mod is interesting because she isn't a hermaphrodite, the original modder in Oldrim blanked out the vulva.


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Indeed, Kalena Rios is pretty amazing. She is a companion and not a player character, though.


Be warned there are some slight issues using her. Nomkaz's conversion was a bit 'enthusiastic' and there is a problem with body meshes vanishing when she strips.


Also, do not use Sexlab Squirt (SE) with her in your load order. It will not recognise her gender, ever. However, Cumshot works nicely with her.

You should use the old LE mod "Sexlab Gender Change" and convert that to SE, to set her gender in game for Sexlab.



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Ah, didn't consider the possibility that you wanted to "schlongify" yourself. Which I have done for my own character. However changing size in MCM referred to "SOS Racemenu" for which I used "Showracemenu Alternative" with Genitals included (can't remember if that was an add-in). Not accessible within MCM, which is a little dumb. Lot of fiddling around to get it looking right.


NPCs are no problem at all - once you have them in the crosshairs.


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IDK how or why but I started a new game, made my character the way I wanted, then named him and went iinto the game, when I could, I used showracemenu and took off his clothing and poof, his cock appeared if by magic so now it works. Thanks

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