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Translate a Tutorial?


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Putting thins in the adult section mostly due to the content of the links...


Anyway, hello. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to translate some tutorials into something resembling readable English? There are three seemingly quite well-illustrated tutorials on creating poses for Skyrim, up to and including creature poses. I'm interested in trying my hand at this, but I can't find an English tutorial anywhere, and Google Translate does not make the linked tutorials easy to follow.


Alternatively, if someone who knows of a good English tutorial could provide me with one, that would also be awesome.

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I didn't forget (kinda). I've been really busy lately


This is as far as I got for now. You'll need to look at the pictures to follow along. Dunno how helpful the tutorial is (it seems rather simplistic), sorry if this isn't much better than the machine translation. I'll do the rest if more people ask for it.




Good evening.

Though an uneducated, terrible writer, I've decided to make a mod tutorial (well, some notes)-- scary, isn't it~ ( ´∀`)

This manual has stuff that I learned myself, so there are definitely some mistakes or unnecessary things (つд⊂)

I think that I'll get laughed at, but I would be happy if people who are interested in modding use this as a first step

In addition, I'm sorry to say, but I ask you to take full responsibility for any tools you download yourself(`・ω・´)ゞ

1. Blender's installation is written in more detail on other sites.

2. For those who have already finished installing blender, please skip to ~Things after the install~

~Things to download first~
A manual on how to create motions
If you read this carefully, you will not have a problem

[link] Brainsperm pose set
These are the resources and environment I use when creating poses, we'll use it shortly

~Let's extract~
Try extracting the up00731.zip you downloaded from above

Inside of that, open the “Memo on how to create Skyrim animations in Blender”...there's a lot written in the Tools and Script section isn't there, my brain feels like it'll explode (´・ω・`)

So then, let's download these necessary things first

Python2.6.6 (32-bit)

PyFFI2.1.10 (32-bit) ※The download will start after a few seconds

BlenderNif Scripts 2.5.8 ※The download will start after a few seconds

hkxcmd1.4 ※We'll use this later


~Let's install~

1. Install Blender 2.49b
※choose “use the installation directory”

2. Install Python 2.6.6

3. Install PyFFI 2.1.10

4. Install Blender NIF Scripts 2.5.8

~Things after the install~
1 . Open the blender files you just installed
Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\export\export_nif.py←back up this file

2. Inside of up00731 you extracted earlier open the fixed folder

Copy the export_nif.py with the same name, overwrite the Blender files

3. Continuing, extract the brainsperm pose set, find the folder called Pose, put it directly in the C drive (I'm an amateur with computers so I don't know if there are people without a C drive)

4. Copy hkxcmd.exe you extracted from hkxcmd1.4, and paste it in the Pose folder

With that, you've finished preparing, good work><
Because it took long, I'll split the entry into two, it will continue in Part 2



Then let's make some real poses

Open 01.blend in the pose folder

There should be a body model and skeleton in the middle

[pic 1]

Next, right click anywhere to select the skeleton, and click the object mode window. Then select pose mode.

[pic 2]

When you select it, blue red and green arrows coming from the crotch will be selected


[pic 3]

When you scroll the mouse wheel it should be like this


[pic 4]

Then let's try making it move, click on the right thigh bone to select it


[pic 5]

Press the R (rotation) key, and move your mouse; you'll be able to move it in some crazy angles

Press the X (X axis rotation only) key twice, when you've got a good position, left click to set it

[pic 6]
In the same way, let's move the left side as well

[pic 7]

Selecting the right knee, you can move it about 90 degrees

[pic 8]

While holding the control key and selecting, you can select multiple things at once

[pic 9]

Let's bend the left knee as well

[pic 10]

Next let's open the legs, select the right thigh selected with R, now we press the Z key twice

[pic 11]

Let's open the left side; it looks like a sumo position, doesn't it

[pic 12]

Next we move the upper thigh, but first let's change the view--while pressing the mouse wheel, move the mouse.

When you have a good view, select the right thigh, pressing the R key and Y key twice to rotate, and let's move the left side as well.

[pic 13]

Now we make a lying down position, select the crotch bone explained above



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