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Spiky Hair (anime style)

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I was wondering if anybody would like to make sora's hair from kh1 and kh2, zacks hair from crisis core(young zack prefferably) a nice goku hair(normal and ssj1), maybe Noctis from ffxiiivs, gaaras hair, or narutos hair, just in general spiky hair?


I love all of the anime mods out there but there seems to be a lack of male spiky hairstyles


here are a few different hairstyles from the aforementioned that i saw that were cool.


my favorite(if you were gonna do one hair this would be it)





pretty cool also(2nd fav)


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after many hours of editing vertice by vertice in nifscope i took the shinbobu jacobs hair and made it work with a male head. i also shrank it so it looks cooler.


lets see what people can come up with




Would you be able to turn that into an equipable wig? I'd want to use that texture on one of my characters.

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Ok so i edited my mesh in blender and fixed it all and everything in nifscope but it wont show up in game can someone tell me what i did wrong?

Is the bsdismemberinstance mandatory? because i dont care if it dismembers or not, but would that keep it from showing up in game?

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