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Stop using Google captchas


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Google spies on your users and sees what websites you log into.  By implementing Google captchas, you're allowing this to happen.  Even my bank doesn't make me do a captcha, let alone one from Google that is used to train their AI for selling to the military.


Please remove your Google captcha and user other non-intrusive methods for logins!

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7 hours ago, winny257 said:

worst case, Microsoft Win10 and there is nothing you can do about it! :classic_wink:

You don't know about pihole then.


Seriously though the Cloudflare stuff is getting severely irritating. I have to now complete a captcha every single visit. I migrated from Chrome to Opera because Chrome was sending all sorts of weird info to Google about my IP address, and was acting really strange with LL. As a result I lost the 'Privacy Pass' addon  - which might have been part of my problem.


If folks from certain parts of the world are not welcome, you may as well put it in the TOS.

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