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Female Muscle mod(s)


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Hello, I am new to the Loverslab and so far I've enjoyed my time here. But let's cut to the chase, I wanted to add some different models to my game and when I found the bodyslider I was in heaven.


One thing it didn't add however is muscles. (or possibly there is an addon I've missed that does it?) I wanted amazons, bodybuilder-esque females and I'm failing to find mods to scratch that itch. I found a mod for fallout new vegas that was perfect, but I don't have New Vegas, I have Skyrim. So I was wondering if someone could make a huge muscle females mod for Skyrim - or if it already exists, point me to it.



The Fallout mod I mentioned was Project Muscle Girl


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After playing around some I got very happy, I made a freak of nature, but she is my freak and will mercilessly beat anyone that calls her a freak, except me.






Hair is from Apachiiskyhair


Body proportions made by me using Caliente's big buttom bodyslider


The worn armor is Leather bikini from this mod


And finally, muscles! I went with the 'hardcore' version



(all mods are from Nexus because I like their installer, saves me hassle)

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Ther's a few different ways of increasing muscle mass,


1 add one of the 'muscle' skin textures available on Nexus which range from Nicely Toned to Muscled almost flat chested veined she Hulk.

2 play around with the Sliders for CBBE and now UNP

3 The ShowRaceMenu mod has Glutes and biceps Sliders built in but to not make it look the range is only a few points.

4 The pumping Iron mod increase muscle size/tone/definition in gameplay over time though it has to be used with one of the other 3 to show results properly

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