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Are there any games that are similar to LifePlay?


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If you don't know what LifePlay is, click here.


I am wondering if there are any similar games with some or all of the same features as LP, like the fact that it doesn't have 2d graphics and isn't a 3D picture-based visual novel, character customization, etc.


If anyone replies, thank you. This is my first topic post on this site, so I am a little nervous. (I don't really know why)


Thanks in advance,



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I love that game! Also want to find something similar.


I spent months trying to find a game that's 3D, sandbox, customizible character, boob jiggle, and most importantly, gangbang! I'm very into DP and sences involve more than 4 males and a single female.


Sadly, you either mod Fallout or Skyrim to get a OK sandbox sex game, or go to patreon and subscribe to some 3D visual novel type of games...


Lifeplay is the perfect one! Except that it doesn't look AAA on graphics, still, it's better that most of those games.

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