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SOLVED: mfg Dialogue Expressions keep rotating from one to the other.

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So i have this issue with my skyrim run, This issue which i didn't notice until now somehow has been present since 40 something hours into my game where saves before that don't have this issue.


So here is the problem i am experiencing, I noticed that my characters phoneme keeps rotating at inappropriate moments that don't make sense, this issue is so bad that it even cancels out the combat anger expression that is suppose to be shown when fighting,


It always rotates to dialogue expressions like disgust, sad, happy, angry, puzzled again all at random. sometimes lingering on one expression for a long time.


I tried various things to try and see if i can fix it, Like changing race, changing gender, going into console removing all spell effects, resurrecting myself to see if it resets everything, going into console and resetting mfg manually which usually works for like a second then the expression changes back.


Removed mods, reset mods, nothing it just keeps on happening, the only idea i have is that it might be caused by one of the player dialogue mods that i have such as Sexist Guards or Spank that Ass latter only uses voice clips, One reason i think its sexist guards is because of the player rape dialogue which always gets stuck and lingers inside the cell that it occurred, after the sex scene i could leave the area and the dialogue would be gone then enter again and it would be back even though it shouldn't.


Yes i did reset that mod to which predictably did nothing, yet i don't think its Sexist Guards either because i had the mod since the beginning of my game.


The only evidence of this being a problem is under the Strings in my save file is the simple command SetExpressionOverride, which looking into does exactly that even overriding the combat anger emotion. But of course i can't find out what this String is from, what mod is causing it and how to stop it. 


I will say that i was having script lag due to Sexlab Cumshot which was giving me stacks of active scripts which i consult the creator about and said it was safe to delete the active scripts in question, so maybe the expressions changing could also be because of script lag that delayed the script or something? 


Anyways here is my loadorder, i can't think of any other mods i have that would effect mfg expressions in such a way, I also did a little digging in the papyrus log which i still couldn't find anything related to mfg.

loadorder.txt Papyrus.0.log

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PROBLEM SOLVED:  So i found out that the culprate in question was Chaurus Life and its Expression feature, which is not the mods fault as i firmly believe that it was due to said Active script count and script lag i was experiencing from Cumshot. 


I did have to actively remove the active scripts from the mod in order to fix the expressions, and the mod offers a mcm to reset the spell and reactivate the script so no harm done i think.

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