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Dragonborn DLC Question

Queen Bee

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Hard to say until it comes out.


All you can really do is make a backup of everything. If Dragonborn fucks something up that basic mod troubleshooting, updating, and Bashed patching doesn't fix, rip it back out.


Things like this are why I avoid script-heavy mods or mods that change a lot of things. While the game is still being worked on, it's volatile, and if an update or DLC fucks something up, it's entirely your fault for relying too much on mods. I personally won't be putting in any overhauls after after the last DLC is out.

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Guest Lady Luck

Ok here's the thing before you install any dlc or expansion pack from bethesda.


Boss " locate any bugs or glitches that potentially break the mods"


Assuming pre-launched Dragonborn patch for 1.8 , some of the armor or scripted mods works just fine all you need to do is this, if you have mods from steam here's a simple method how to fix glitches.



1. Load up boss

2. sort out your mods using load order that boss fix it out for ya

" do not launch the game"

3. Load up steam client and load skyrim launcher led the subscribe

mods synchronize

4. After that delete SKSE folder " don't worry this won't broke any

of your game when you delete skse folder on my document usually

it will restart everything if glitch occurs"

5. Install dragonborn expansion pack

6. load up boss again re-sort all steam and the mods you downloaded

either from LL or nexus

7. Repeat same step synchronization is required for steam

8. Boot up skse with skyui if you had one and enjoy Glitch free game




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havnt played the mod or watched videos so idk exactly how the quest to go to

solstheim starts


but if it uses a vanilla npc to start it editing that npc could cause issues

or edits to the cell or city in said start up location



the biggest thing i can see causing a issue might be edits to dragons

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I don't think it will damage anything all that severly, the only thing that gets added to skyrim itself is how Dragonborn is started and how you get there. For instance, once your char is officially recognized as the dragonborne cultists will appear shortly afterwards (or if your char already is then they should appear soon after installing the dlc) and attack you, after that looting the bodies will give you a note that will direct you to the docks at Windhelm where you will take a boat to Solstheim. So really the only mods that are likely to have bugs and issues when adding Dragonborn are, custom races (very high chance), skyre and mods like that basically. I myself only use a handfull of mods, like ones that change animations, better vampires, and quite a few armor and weapon mods. So my chances of having issues are rather slim heheh.

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Well as long as it doesn't add something akin to the insufferable vampire attacks from Dawnguard.


"Hey I have an idea! Dragon attacks weren't killing enough people, especially not in the city world spaces. So let's add overpowered vampires and make the NPCs attack them like lemmings so we can turn the whole world into a ghost town!"

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