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cant launch game, think its mod problems.

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I cant start my game. Not via the Oblivion launcher or the OBSE launcher. Ever heard of this before and is it a quick fix 2 this porblem?




Load order:

• 00 Oblivion.esm [CRC: 2FF840C5]


• 01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm [CRC: A76734C2]


• 02 x117race.esm [CRC: EB24F47A]


• 03 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm [Version 1.33] [CRC: C22A0D6B]


• 04 Chanpon.esm [CRC: 91260723]


• 05 Lovers with PK.esm [CRC: DAEAFEC6]


• 06 LoversCreature.esm [CRC: 649E4950]


• 07 TamagoClub.esm [CRC: 02E92298]


• 08 HiyokoClub.esm [CRC: A7CCE029]


• 09 DLCShiveringIsles.esp [CRC: 2BB84977]


• 0A Knights.esp [CRC: F1F478FA]


• 0B RMDailyIncomeV2.esp [CRC: 41500476]


• 0C Living Economy.esp [CRC: 486C64F8]


• 0D Living Economy - Items.esp [CRC: 1F0A2AB8]


• 0E Cutthroat Merchants.esp [CRC: 5DCDC3A3]


• 0F HiyokoGenerator.esp [CRC: A65596DD]


• 10 HiyokoGeneratorCreature.esp [CRC: FF3CB797]


• 11 LoversAphrodisia.esp [CRC: B513E386]


• 12 LoversAphrodisiaHUD.esp [CRC: 78F387A7]


• 13 LoversFSE.esp [CRC: 959CD34C]


• 14 LoversHooker.esp [Version 2.2] [CRC: 18F312DC]


• 15 LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp [CRC: AA62BBD1]


• 16 LoversBed.esp [CRC: CD9AE4C7]


• 17 LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp [CRC: 3EB992F0]


• 18 LoversJoburg.esp [CRC: 95227F0C]


• 19 LoversRaperS.esp [CRC: EE4808D1]


• 1A LoversBedNonStop.esp [CRC: 7E8FC8C1]


• 1B LoversPayBandit.esp [CRC: 7AF59FBC]


• 1C Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96] [CRC: FBF257EB]


• 1D LoversCreature.esp [CRC: C645A4F6]


• 1E LoversCrowningIsle.esp [CRC: 2C50EDCC]


• 1F LoversLandEv2.esp [CRC: E3FCB7FA]


• 20 LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP_HookerPatch.esp [CRC: A1FEDF3D]


• 21 LoversMagic.esp [CRC: 2C866BD5]


• 22 LoversCalm.esp [CRC: 7752A0B5]


• 23 LoversRaperSGalgat.esp [CRC: 128BF509]


• 24 LoversImmoralGuards.esp [CRC: 126E8F7A]


• 25 LoversAdultYield.esp [CRC: 9FC6141E]


• 26 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Ashara's Sirens and Tritons.esp [CRC: AE82D60A]


• 27 Harvest [Flora].esp [Version 3.0.0] [CRC: 93873332]


• 28 DiabloEF 6 in 1.esp [CRC: 969D097D]


• 29 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp [CRC: BCA4BAA2]


• 2A x117race.esp [CRC: 76ADC5F5]


• 2B Lop-ears Elf_mini.esp [CRC: BECC68F8]


• 2C Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp [Version 1.33] [CRC: ADC22427]


• 2D Bashed Patch, 0.esp [CRC: 249B7673]


• 2E LoversMB2.esp [CRC: 187D9270]


• 2F LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp [CRC: 126AA994]


• 30 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp [CRC: 507FE173]





any help is apriciated.

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It might help to put OOO at the top of your game, rather than at the bottom. Nothing jumps out at me about the LO, though.


Stay away from using the Oblivion Launcher. 'parently, it rewrites the .ini file every time. Since you use OBSE, you'll want to only launch the game using the OBSE_Launcher.

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Pick one or the other but don't use both:





Crowning Isles recommends you not use joburg (or lande), or any other mod that can interrupt things.




Starting CTD's are generally from two things:

1. bad ini

2. incorrect load order



Show us your full load order via wrye bash.

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