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Vampire Leather Armor UUNP for SSE - Checked but Invisible!

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Please, help. I have the mod. It looks like it's being installed properly. Checked. And the name/esp appears in-game via AIM normally. Problem? No display when hovering over them and no display when equipping them. No crashes/freezes/errors from what I've noticed, game keeps playing normally, it's just I am a floating beautiful head with a bow and an arrow on my back and running around with invisible body.


Things I know and tried myself : 


1. Port the esp for just in case, with CK.

2. Used NifOptimizer for the meshes in case it's the mesh, there's only one folder in bodyshape inside bodyslide that has nifs as far as I am concerned, no errors in scan; Everything optimized properly.

3. Made a brand new zip out of it and installed it clean and manually to my MO2, still the same EXACT issue.


^I don't get it, it's like I didn't do anything at all, and trust me, I am pretty sure I did these above steps correctly and EXACTLY as others showed to me, I didn't went lazy/sloppy, everything was watched and handled carefully. My conclusion is either the meshes are completely and literally ruined/messed up/random, or I need to meddle with BodySlide, and I just installed the BodySlide and set it as executable, the x64 one, should I do the other one exe ? And I have no idea how to use it, watched some videos, everyone is saying their own thing, and giving tutorials about things I don't want/need to know, I just want to find something that is specifically directed at SkyrimSE and how to fix properly an armor mod to fit with your character and how to save it without messing with every NPC's outfit. 


That's it. Please, go easy on me, I am still learning and everyone starts from somewhere. 

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