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Cocksmen Village

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I can't get the sex scenes in this mod to work. They'll advance the quest, but skip the sex scene. Also, the 3rd quest where you come back and use the shrine, nothing happens, so I can't advance beyond the second quest. There are 4 files. One says vanilla. I'm supposed to have them all in the mod manager? If I take out the one that says vanilla, the village disappears. I have the same problem with Amorous Adventures. You can complete the quests, like The Suitors of Camille Valeria, but after they "follow to sex location" it says "your lover has stopped following you" and they go back to their own routine.


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Hey gnerd,


First about the versions:

You only need the 1.4 version OR the vanilla version. The difference between the two files is that for the 1.4 version it has the added requirement of KS Hairdo. If you don't want to use the hairs added by KS Hairdo, use the vanilla version of the files. So it is purely a cosmetic/ preference difference. So remove any other versions you have installed.


As for the problems you are having. My first suspicion would be that you are probably missing a required mod somewhere. Either a requirement for Cocksmen or a general requirement to get LL mods to play well with SexLab, since you are having issues with other mods as well.

Cocksmen needs Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, Sexlab SE v. 1.63 (currently Beta 8), Sexlab Aroused Redux SE and Fuz Ro D-oh Silent voice SE. If you use the 1.4 version, you also need KS Hairdo SE, at least the MALE version of that. I suggest you go through your LL mods and check you have the latest versions of the requirements of all of them, but specifically for the mods that are giving you trouble. Make sure you are using Sexlab framework and not Sexlab lite.


Once you have checked, updated, added and/or removed mods, run LOOT to sort your modlist. Then either start a whole new game (safest option) or clean your current savefile with Fallrim Tool (could still give problems or break other mods). Then play around in Skyrim a while to see if everything works as intended.


I hope this helps.



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Ok, I didn't know there were 3 versions. I had all 3 activated in my mod manager. So, I've tried all 3 versions, and I still can't get them to do the sex scenes, and I can't activate the shrine for the 3rd quest. Nor can I get them to have sex with Amorous Adventures. I'd give that Fallrim Tool a try, but it requires Java, and I don't have that. I've heard it's shit and will mess up your computer, so I've never used it before. I've gone through all my mods and checked their requirements, and I have all required mods, up-to-dated. I deleted everything in my save file, though. There were a lot of old games. Made my game less laggy, but the sex scenes still don't work.

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