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Pantyhose Collections Fallout 4 (Looksmenu, CBBE)

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Pantyhose Collections Fallout 4 (Looksmenu, CBBE)

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  • Adds 3 types of pantyhose each with 10 color variations
  • 10D--thinnest, 30D--medium thick, 60D--thickest
  • Adds 3 colors of panties (pantyhose can be wore with or without the panties)
  • They are all Looksmenu overlay textures, not items, you can wear them with any outfits or armors
  • Adds 3 v-back bodystockings
  • Adds 8 styles of pantyhose
  • Adds some stockings and garter-belts--adapted from balicha's mod. Garter and stocking can be worn separately. 


How to Use

  1. You should have F4SE and Looksmenu installed
  2. Install the mod using NMM or other software
  3. In game type ~ to call up the console, key in showlooksmenu 14, then type ~ again to close the console
  4. In the Looksmenu, click BODY > OVERLAYS, then select the pantyhose/stocking
  5. Optional: add a panties/garter belt after selecting the pantyhose/stocking--click ADD and select the extra item



This mod is inspired by b3lisario who post the pantyhose racemenu mod in Skyrim.

The thickness and color variations are inspired by irsuv's Looksmenu Pantyhose Overlay mod.

Stockings and garter belts were modified from balicha's mod available for Skyrim.


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On 12/21/2019 at 3:11 PM, seven7swell said:

Yes,I am. Just asking about the texture is glowing when my character under the mist or water

It must be the way of how the textures are layered on to the skin. It uses multiply blend so it might appear glowing in dark and underwater. This is especially true for the white ones, but the other colors should be fine. 

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