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Any known conflicts with slave in pose, salvery simple etc


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I was going to be be trying out the slavery/simple expanded mods with my new playthrough as a legion leaning brutal slaver type and was wondering about the slave in pose addon you can get. Does it conflict with the sexout anims, as I know pose mods are sometimes said too? If not, any other known conflicts I should be aware of?

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okay well I haven't seen anything to say that it would especially be conflicting with these' date=' I guess I was also hoping to hear some general opinions on whether these mods are fun to play as well as any particular conflicts ;)



With pose mods you mainly need to look for one thing (and this has been mentioned before in FAQs and I've posted it a few times):


Check the Idle Animations in FNVEdit. If you see that it's using a vanilla parent block like KnockedDownIdles or similar, delete that override from the mod. Check the non-vanilla records to see if any point at KnockedDownIdles as a parent and remove the parent entry for that animation so that it reads null reference instead with an id of all 8 zeroes. As long as the pose mod does not parent to a vanilla top level idle animation block, you should be OK and won't have any sexout conflicts. The same works for any animation mod, whether it be groovatron, slave in pose, umpa dance or whatever.

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