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Looking for female hair in two tones~

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Hello, I have been looking for a particular hair style but at the moment I have not found any that contain the colors I need, basically I want something like the hair of this image, in two tones that contain black on one side and white on the other. 




I found similar hairs looking for characters like Harley Quinn and Juliet Starling of lollipop chainshaw, but without the colors I need ? I leave here a link and the name of the creator of the hair that I have found until now, in case someone can help me find it or if anyone can recolor it .



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On 12/5/2019 at 1:47 PM, パンティ said:

@Ascend the ApprenticeshipThank you  for the links ?, I'm trying to learn how to use blender and the video tutorial helps ?, Melanie Hair by LeahLillith is the one that most resembles, maybe it can be modified to make it shorter .

I wish you luck! make sure if you do get it down and decide to share it that the original mesh creator is okay with recolors being uploaded!

(for example I know that LeahLillith is fine with recolors as long as you don't include the mesh in the file but if you do change the mesh you would probably have to keep your creation to yourself and not be able to share it by uploading it)

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