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How can I work at Gomorrah?

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"You must reach prostitution level 2 before they'll let you whore at Gomorrah, which means you need to turn at least 25 tricks. There isn't a requirement to whore at the Wrangler. To get paid by casinos, talk to the receptionist in Gomorrah and James Garret in the Wrangler to tell them you're finished for the day."


According to Sexout Tryout discription, I have to reach prostitution level 2 to work at Gomorrah.


How can I check my prostitution level?


And How can I reach to upper prostitution level?


I'm already working at Wrangler and NCR...

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The hint is in the "25 tricks" part' date=' which means you need to have sex as a prostitute 25 times to reach level 2.



You mean only work as prostitution with some outfits?


I have 43 NCR paymentchips and more than 10 times work at Wrangler and so on.


And how can I check my prostitution level?

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Sex level goes up, only with the ghouls and at the wrangler from what I have noticed, and later at the gommorah when you get there. Ncr doesn't seem to affect it from the playthroughs I've done. Not sure if random sex you can get by soliciting general city dwellers in new vegas affects it.


This is not the sex level in mcm, it;s a separate tracker in the mod itself, you will get a pop up or corner message when you gain a level.

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