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ok, so what am i doing wrong on installation (mod)


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LOST NEWB HERE...i apolagize if this has been covered, if it has been then i mistakenly overlooked it. but im trying to install the "Argent Armor for AGHGEC body" http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/26795 . the uploader doesent give much in way of instructions that i could see, and beings that ive only installed the HFOB and AGHGEC bodies (those work), but i cant get the armor to fit the AGHGEC body. ive put it into the data folder, the chests appear,(with "original" mod installed also). but inside the chests are just the "original mod" clothes for the other body type, not the AGHGEC. am i putting the AGHGEC file in the wrong place? do i need to put the AGHGEC folder into the original mod`s folder? or something other than those? if so what would the proper steps for installation be? thank yall in advance.:huh: ...and im assuming that the proper steps to install this mod follows suit for any other armor mod for other body replacers?

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If you look at the files in the zip file he tells you that you have to rename the files so they overwrite the original armors. This is not setup as a replacer as it doesn't have a proper folder structure or naming. In other words, you can't unzip this to the data folder and think it will work.


If you don't know how to find the original armor and rename these to match and then overwrite the originals then I suggest you get the original mod and unzip it to a temp location. Then unzip the contents of this file and go from there.

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