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[REQUEST AND FIND] Valenwood skyrim legendary edition

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i can't seem to find this mod, Skyrim legendary edition Valenwood WIP

i searched the nexus but all i found was a deleted version from 2012 by a user that now doesn't have anything of it.

if anyone already has it and is willing to share it, i would really appreciate it. or if anyone knows where i can find a site to download it from, that would be good as well.

thank you for reading. 

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On 11/27/2019 at 7:36 PM, Uncle64 said:

You may need to post more information about it, did try to find information about it but no avail.


it's a new land mod that's 8 gb in size if i'm not mistaken, has lots of forestry growth, and it covers the Valenwood region in tamriel 

the original creator made it for SSE however there is also a version for SLE from what i heard, sadly the SSE version got deleted from nexus, and i can't find the LE 

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