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Just thank you!

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I wanted to make this thread for a long time now but basically had no idea how or what to write.


So I make it spontaneous...

Thank you so much to all you mod creators. 

Since I discovered Skyrim modding in 2017 alot changed for me. I discovered my own personal holodeck and could create a custom BDSM game experience that I would have never dreamed possible.


The lack of games that cover this is a shame and even the ones that exist cannot even come close to the functionality that Skyrim offers.

My Characters virtually come to life with breathing, moaning, getting dirty, sweating, suffering, sobbing, tearsdropping, its a great pleasure.


I am a very critical person and sometimes maybe my posts might sound a bit harsh. I apoligize for that. 
Please understand the users perspective. You might spent days, weeks and months to create mods, but we users spent days, weeks and months trying to get them to run (especially combined).

This is not a comparison to your effort, but its also not nothing and sometimes leads to frustration and well... yeah, maybe some heated posts.


So, sorry for us users to be stupid.


And thank you to all you mod creators for just beeing there and uploading your content. 


Screenshot depicts the state of my Character Zhonya after a typical "Mod Testing Session". 
I can add, that my own state of mind is sometimes similar to this pic :D

And of course it is totally worth it! 




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