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crash/last exception

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I guys,


First, I'm french then i'm sorry for my english ^^ 

Since the update my game keeps crashing and I've tried EVERYTHING to fix it...

I pretty sure it's cause of WW 

I've updated all my mods and checking them almost one by one ^^

I really need help at this point 

I can play and then suddenly (I think when I use WW) it's crashing...

Better exceptions mod tell me this


Exception Date: 2019-11-22 16:50:18 Game Version: Category ID: relationship.py:366
Recommended Action Mods were detected in the exception.
Close your game, try removing the mentioned mods below from your Mods folder and retry what you did when you received the exception.
If the exception does not occur then the problem is likely with that mod.
Check the mod download for any recent updates.
Possible Cause wrappers\sim\relationship.py\relationship.py
Reason Exception raised while trying to run a test event in test_events.py: (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'guid64')
MCCC Version 6.6.2
WickedWhims Version v147e
Package Mod Count 8898

ExceptionReport.txt WickedWhims_v147e_Exception.txt

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