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I'd love to get an Application API for Wabbajack


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I run the Wabbajack project, an automated installer for Bethesda games. Although most of the mods from our 8 featured modlists (https://www.wabbajack.org/gallery) come from the Nexus, or other 3rd party sites, I have received several requests from our users for automatic download support from this site. How feasible would it be to get some sort of programmatic download API? Even if it involved a small amount of human interaction (login to the site before the app could take control) or had some rate-limiting features (one download every 30 sec), it would be a massive improvement over the current situation. 

As part of our existing Nexus integration we have the ability to display Author/description/image info about each mod as its installed, we could easily extend this functionality to work with mods from this site as well. Aside from initial development costs, and lost ad revenue,  a programmatic API tends to be a win for all parties, as it allows users to get the information they need, while servers have to render less pages, handle less logins, etc. 

As a project that exists outside of the confines of the Nexus, I like to have Wabbajack support as many download sources as possible, with as smooth of integration as possible. 

So I'd love feedback from the Staff here about what me might possibly do to work with you all. 



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