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Does anyone have a backup to the the 18+ mugen archive?


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I'm well aware of hentaicharmugen.com but as of right now they only have a few characters uploaded. There was just so many that are now missing its a shame nobody saved them. In particular i'm looking for the edits of DC, and Marvel characters. 


If someone has any mugen characters saved they should upload them here. It would be a disservice not to.  Considering the only mugen "archive" site refuses to archive anymore.

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the problem with that is most of the mugen stuff would be in violation of site rule #3:


3. We may be an adult-oriented community, but don't be stupid, don't post anything blatantly illegal. Meaning no discussion or assistance with illegal content such as piracy, game cracks, models or textures taken from the assets of other games, or any depictions of underage persons with exposed nudity or in a sexual context.


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