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Morrowind Patches Install Order


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In what order should I install the patches? I heard something about unofficial patch. I have non-GOTY edition with all the addons.


Just for now I installed plain Morrowind without any patches or anything.


@cyb3r - thank you. :)

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well after doing all the patches for morrowind you should really grab the morrowind overhaul they really did an awesome job at updating the game ^^ the unnoficial patch for morrowind fixes so many bugs it's not funny anymore


Morrowind > Tribunal > Tribunal patch > Bloodmoon > Bloodmoon patch




http://www.paulcarr.com.au/elderscrolls/patch/ (unnoficial patch, install after bloodmoon patch)


there's more but i haven't played morrowind in a while and my mod dir is on my other pc so i'll have a look at it this weekend and see what i can find to help you ^^

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Is there some Morrowind utility for the mods? Like Wrye Bash for Oblivion?


Got it. Wrye Mash. It's called Wrye Mash.





Let's see if I can get this one working. :P




I should install Morrowind Code Patch after Morrowind Unofficial Patch right?

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