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Assassins Creed 3 review


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Assassins Creed 1 was a good game with an innovative story, the second of the franchise just improved on every aspect of the game, brotherhood and revelations had some nice features but sent the story downhill and from where you were enjoying an interesting story of losing struggle between Templar's and Assassin's you now have gods and saving the earth seeesh :dodgy: how original.



Now getting to the game at hand Assassin's Creed 3 , I waited for this game for quite some time and was excited to play as a completely new hero ,only to be met by a dull main character ,a mess of a story,and barely anything close to fun .



First of I will start with Ratonhnhaké:ton or Connor Kenway as he is later re-named by Achilles his mentor ? . Not even comparable to the iconic Ezio Auditore da firenze a smart and relatable character ;

Most of the Npc's in the game are Boring and one dimensional even Main Charaters but Ratonhnhaké:ton surpasses all, daddy issues and a barely existing personality that serves only to annoy you.

Not sure what more to say about him that's how dull he was.




Story time :P .

Ratonhnhaké:ton's story

What a mess doesn't even begin to describe it , there were at least six to seven time skips in the game which alone proves my point,I guess they did it to fit the entire revolution from 1775–83 but that doesn't excuse how bad it was. half the game is a tutorial and as I mentioned above the Characters don't help fix the situation. Wont spoil in case you want to play


Desmond's story *(Desmond's new face mesh looks like a horse).

My immediate reaction when I finished the game was "Wow and people complained about Mass Effect's Ending <--(3)". A big kudos on everyone writing it for being able to make it so bad . Most of the time you play as Desmond consists of retrieving some sort of batteries around the world to power the temple (?) you are trying to open.The one time Desmond doesn't go his father gets caught by Abstergo and you have to rescue him ,while the world is about to end, once there you kill Templar leader, oh so conveniently . When you manage to open the temple door and hear the stupid conversations two options are given and yet you don't get to choose , the developers do that for you , not that it makes a difference both options were just as stupid as the rest of the game .





The gameplay felt stiff and the movements felt unrealistic ,there was barely any climbing at buildings and when there was, guards would have already noticed and opened fire at you before managing to reach the roof .Combat other than new animations didn't have that many improvements.



Naval battles

This was the only part of the game that was new and didn't suck.The battles were enjoyable and you got to upgrade your ship but other than that it was just routine turn ship, shoot at stuff, take cover .




It tried to add other assassins like brotherhood did but failed terribly since it tried to give them a story and special abilities but like almost everything else in the game it just fell flat.


6/10 would not replay



Tell me your opinions on the game .

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^tl;dr Assassins Creed 3 sucks (probably why the franchise got canceled )

I wanted to add one more thing ,the players inability to kill civilians ,I dont understand or accept why they removed it, both of the previous games included the feature ,yet the developers though it a good idea to remove it?

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I played the first assassins creed and it was enjoyable, despite the repetitive gameplay...i mostly heard good things about brotherhood but that was already at the time where my hate for ubisoft gone over the edge and i simply walked away from anything under this game studios flag.


AC3 sounds like a rushed cash grab, wich isnt anything unusual nowadays, someone makes a successful franchise and then tries to squeeze the most out of it while cutting on the quality with each new release.

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I disagree with your views almost entirely, liked the game, liked the story, liked the mechanics, liked the characters, but hated the naval battles to the point that I would occasionally rage quit, the glitches didn't bother and some were entertaining

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I should applaud you for giving 6 out of 10. I can barely even give it more than 5. You have highlighted all the points that make this title a bit dull. Seriously who the hell thought that 1 button rules them all. Interact/synchronise/drop is all E (I'm playing PC versions btw) as oppose from it's predecessors (shift and v). The only saving grace I can only give is the drop button is more responsive than before, thus saving the keyboard from a certain destruction that befall those that were bought before it.


I only play less than half into the game and I have a strong urge to uninstall it right away, but kept it for the sake of completing it and for the cash I burned buying AAA title that yet again failed us.


And that goddamned Uplay is another whole mess that not needed to be discussed. Someone should burn it already.


p/s - I miss fighting Janissary and Papal Guard.

p/p/s - I hope Black Flag release date were pushed into summer next year so that it won't be every year pre-Christmas release. Sigh...

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