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Question with editing an armor file


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Hello ya'll, first time poster here! I'm working on an armor replacer for the ebony mail, and I'm having an issue getting the changes to work. Actually I sort of have two questions.


Working on this armor, I made the changes and replaced all the nif files.


Here is what it looks like in the nif editor:



Trying to make the breasts more "realistic" by pushing them together (keeping them safe from flopping around on the battlefield).


And here is my character with the armor pretty much as it started:




So I'm confused as to why it's not taking the changes?




Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I'm very eager and thankful for any suggestions!

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Yes that is a cool mod and thank you for posting about it, but unfortunately has no value to my question.


If you look at the two images I posted you'll clearly see the changes I've made in a nif editor are not taking effect in game- I'd really love some possible reasons for this so I can start troubleshooting.


Thanks for the help :-)

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