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Simtasia CAS Accessories

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Simtasia CAS Accessories

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"Simtasia Animation Accessories" renamed to "Simtasia CAS Accessories".


This is the collection of accessories required for Simtasia Animations ( prior to Simatasia Animations version 20200718). The accessory needs to be equipped in one of your Sims outfits to use while playing the animation. Includes accessories for Simtasia Animations to date.  The "Simtasia Stimulator" accessory is specifically designed to work with Simtasia Animations. The other accessories may be found suitable to work with other creators animations. 


Note: All of the "Simtasia CAS Accessories" can remain in game and be used as accessories with CAS outfits" They will not break the game or cause any issues with the new "Simtasia's Animations version 20200718". If your Sim has an accessory equipped when an animation starts they will possibly have two items in there hand. Use the WW menu to remove the accessory during the animation.


Note : Simtasia Animations version 20200718 (Patron only) uses "Simtasia's Spawnable Toys" package (Patron Only) to auto equip the item required for the animation.  These "Spawnable Toys" cannot be used as accessories but can be placed on surfaces as decorative objects or your Sim can pick them up and put them in their inventory.


Simtasia's Spawnable Toys used with Simtasia's Animations version 20200718 and later.



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    Base Game to equip and WickedWhims mod to use in animations.


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