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Animation/Mesh question

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During creature rape, meshes for creatures won't change and keep their "vanilla" meshes during animatons. Moreover, the positions of characters during certain animation (such as when my PC gives a Scamp oral sex during rape) appear incorrectly placed. What's causing this?


Here's my load order.






Lovers with PK.esm


Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm








Francesco's 10 days respawn time - 1-20 day lenght rescale.esp

Francesco's level up mini mod - Slower skills x1.5.esp

Francesco's Optional Files 1.esp

Francesco's Optional Files 2.esp



Lovers with PK.esp














Slof's Sexy Anims.esp

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Well your lovers loader is not correct for one thing. Please look at the sample load order in the spoiler here: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=6133



During creature rape, meshes for creatures won't change and keep their "vanilla" meshes during animations.


This doesn't make the slightest bit of sense to me. Either they "are" changing (not vanilla) or they "are not" (staying vanilla). Which is it?


Regarding creature meshes, right now without an additional plugin like sexual organs the vanilla creatures won't have dicks - if that is what you are talking about. Only the summoned creatures via your spell will.


If the creatures are from another mod (like Francesco) and they are not vanilla creatures then you will need to find a sexual organs patch or create one yourself.


Regarding animations being "off" well that is normal. Depending on if you are a custom race with a custom height all the animations could be off. You can adjust the animations to line up via the 0-4 and 7-9 number keys at the top of your keyboard (number pad keys will NOT work). Lovers will save your adjustments in your saved game so you only have to make the adjustment one time per animation.

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They are staying vanilla.


Anyways, thanks for your help, that answered both my questions (regarding needing Sexualized creatures and animation adjustments). Also,, thanks for the load order tips (I haven't utilized any of the bonus content from Fransisco's mods, just the mods that tweak the gameplay)

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Hey, I got a new problem


I'm attempting "Trapped in Oblivion" and each time I get captured by the dremora (and ostensibly taken to oblivion after the dialog completes), the game crashes after the loading screen is complete. I've added a few mods that allow for werewolf companions (extra companions mod + curse of hircine) and I have mirrored my load order to be as close to the one in the readme sticky as I can (I have all my extra companion mods above my lovers load stuff, I'll post the actual load order later tonight).


I've also heard that some people have amended Lovers Bitch to implement (among other things) werewolf compatibility and I was wondering what the prerequisites of that are. (does it use Curse of Hircine or conflict with it?)




Should I overwrite the original lovers bitch files with these? Would these also, perhaps, remove the crash problem I'm having?




This is the thread where I learned about werewolf implimentation (basically Partners CM + CM Partner Werewolves + Curse of Hircine)

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It's my understanding that CTD with the Trapped in Oblivion quest of LoversBitch is a bug that was never fixed. The workaround (which works for me) is to strip your character completely naked before nearing the oblivion gate. I've never brought companions with me for this quest, you might want to park them at the nearby inn. You won't need them.


I don't know about the rest of your questions.

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