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Help please! - Changing transparency of nomals in Gimp


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Hey guys, i need some help regarding changing the transparency of some normals of hairs.


Many of the converted hairs has a very strong normal map, causing it to look really strange (blueish hue in game). I was wondering if anyone knew the steps undertaken here, since it fixed the weird colour. (I asked mortenhoward, but he seems to be busy)







If anyone knew how you change the transparencies from the left image to the right image in Gimp, please help a newb out, some steps or a tutorial would be great :).



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Well... If you want to make it completely invisible' date=' I assume the way to do it would to be to select it via freeform / rectancle / circular select, then just hit delete. That's how I do my textures.


Sorry I'm not all that helpful :s



Ah, i tried doing that but it still kinda remained the same :/. Thanks a bunch for help nonetheless, :).

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I don't know if this will help, since I know little about textures, but before I turn the diffuse map into a normal map, I select the option 'Color to Alpha' and it will make it semi-transparent. Then I go and make it into a normal map. The color does not change, but the normal map comes out a bit strong. You can adjust the color of the diffuse map and that will change the color in game, but as I said I know little about this stuff.


Here has a method I used for some armors, but it does not come out right for hair. Just go down to 'Add a UV map' and it explains how to make a normal map after that.


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Normal maps have no effect on diffuse color. Maybe check if emissive color is blue in nifskope.


Hmm... Well, i dont think thats the issue. Mortenhoward took a look at the hairs and said it was a problem with the normal map. Said it was too strong and gave me the reworked normals. It looked perfect in game after that (no blueish hue). Unfortunately i think Morten is a bit busy now and i dont want to bother him any further. I just need to know how it was done so i can do it for the other textures and just release the pack onto LL :s.

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